Playful Polly comes to us from Missouri.  She was one of 500+ dogs seized in the largest dog fighting bust in U.S. history.  The Humane Society of Missouri and A LOT of volunteers worked tirelessly to care for, evaluate, and ensure these dogs a second chance at a good life.
Polly is quite a little jem.  Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she has an incredible disposition and personality!  She is very intelligent, and she really wants to please.  She likes to play ball and run around the yard being silly.  Zoomies are on her list of favorite things to do!  She is a very outgoing girl, and would be a great partner for an active person.  She and I have gone on several day hikes, and she loves it!  Polly gets along well with all the dogs in the house, including my temperamental female boxer! She truly is the total package of beauty, intelligence and personality that is the American Pit Bull Terrier!
Polly (and so many dogs like her) are proof that dogs seized in relation to dog fighting operations MUST BE evaluated as individuals.  No dog ever deserves to be victimized - and certainly not twice -- first by the heartless "human" who he once belonged to; and second by a system that labels dogs based on biased stereotypes.  Every single dog is different and should be evaluated accordingly.