There are several ways that you can help Bless the Bullys! You can make a monetary donation that will go toward veterinary care, dog food, treats, and toys; if you can't adopt, you can sponsor a specific bully in our care; or the easiest of all ways to help...just GO SHOPPING!!


Have no doubt, your donations have a significant role in the beginning of new life of one of our bullys in need! Every donation, regardless of size, will be put to good use and is always greatly appreciated!!




Make a Donation!


Bless the Bullys is a home based rescue.  We absolutely COULD NOT survive without your help, and we sincerely thank everyone for their donations made through our secure PayPal account. 



It is a rare occasion when a dog comes into rescue not needing any veterinary care.  All donations go directly toward routine veterinary expenses such as:  



*Heartworm prevention

*Flea/Tick prevention


In addition, your donations make it possible to treat dogs who may need special medical care due to abuse or neglect, such as old injuries, mange and heartworms.  Your donations to health care ensure that all our bullys are altered and healthy before they are adopted to their new families.





Has one our bullys captured your heart, but you just can't adopt right now?  You can also use the "Donate" button above to sponsor a specific bully in our care.     




Go Shopping!

Perhaps the easiest way to help Bless the Bullys is to hit the internet and go shopping!  Simply make purchases through , and a percentage of your purchase at over 1,000 national stores including Amazon, Macy's, Staples, Barnes&Noble, JCPenney, Home Depot and many more is donated to our bullys! 

The iGive Button is a simple browser app.  It tells stores that you want a percentage of every purchase you make donated to your cause or charity, at no cost to you.  Helping our bullys is as easy as signing up with and shopping the way you normally would.


You can also shop with the following merchants, and Bless the Bullys will receive a donation through your purchases!


Where  Your Purchase Helps Support Rescue!


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