Message to the Media



The Message to the Media was created to give responsible pit bull owners the opportunity to show the American Pit Bull Terrier in its true form - as loving family companions and devoted service and therapy dogs.


Many people have requested a copy of Message to the Media  to take to city council meetings where BSL (breed specific legislation) has been proposed to show city officials the "true" pit bull behind all the media hype. 


This is also a great piece to send with your e-mail letters to city officials - most of whom have only been exposed to pit bulls through negative media.  I also send it to biased reporters who, through their "reporting," continue to feed the negative pit bull stigma to the public.


*The videos take a minute or two to load.





Love Can Build a Bridge was our second video to fight the pit bull stereotype and to give voice to responsible pit bull owners and show our dogs as the loving, bonding family companions they truly are.