Littlefoot comes to us from our friends out at the Johnson City shelter.  Littlefoot's former owner was a soldier, and he was sent to Iraq to fight for our country.  The soldier's family was unable to take Littlefoot in, and he ended up at the shelter which, unfortunately, due to space constraints, must euthanize animals if they have been at the shelter for too long. Littlefoot was very lucky!  Thanks to a very special shelter volunteer, Littlefoot escaped euthanasia many times, and we are very thankful to her for that!


Littlefoot is 6 years old, and he is quite the character.  He is very mellow and laid back, but he does have an incredible goofy streak!  He likes to be silly and prance around.  He adores attention, and he LOVES to be brushed!  Littlefoot would be the ultimate companion for a couch potato!  He loves to snuggle up and be loved on.


Littlefoot truly has an incredible temperament. He is great with other dogs, and excellent with children. He is a sweet, loving, gentle boy who would compliment any family!