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So you think your ready to adopt a pit bull or AmStaff?  I have one word for you...RESEARCH!!

Every year,
of dogs (not only bullys) end up in shelters and are euthanized because their owners didn't take the time to investigate the particular breed they "thought" they wanted.  Please don't add to the already staggering statistics.  Taking the time to research a breed will give you an idea if that particular breed is right for you.  Also remember that just like people, no dog is perfect. 

As they say, knowledge is power.  There are several internet sites dedicated to educating the public on bully breed dogs -  below are just a few. Please take some time and check them out BEFORE you adopt.   

I can assure the pros of bully ownership greatly outweigh the cons!!

Pit Bull Rescue Central offers a wealth of information on pit bulls and AmStaffs including breed and temperment information as well as pit bull friendly links
The Real Pit Bull provides useful, relevant information on pit bulls and breaks the misleading stereotypes on these wonderful companion animals..
BADRAP has made it their mission to education the public to inspire a better understanding and appreciation of the bully breeds.
Please take the time to visit our rescue friends  who are dedicated to not only finding forever homes for bullys, but also educating the public on these incredible dogs!!
Hearts of Gold Pit Bull Rescue
Memphis, Tennessee
Tender Hearts Canine Rescue
Allons, Tennessee


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